Gingival Veneers

Gingival veneers are a custom built removable prosthesis that can be used to cover recession and mask the appearance of gum health. It involves some specialised moulds that then make a plastic gum to fit around the anterior teeth. Its only downside is that it can be a vehicle for plaque accumulation which means home care is extremely important and ideally its use should ideally be limited to special occasions.

All of the above options are aspects that could possibly contribute to increased plaque formation. The design of the above will incorporate a self-cleanising design as well as being conducive to self-performed home cleaning.

Gingival veneers are suggested when there is a noticeable difference in gum margins or gum recession. The patients first notice this as 'long teeth'. It is also advisable in the case of advanced tissue loss and development of interdental recession.

Esthetics is not the only reason for fitting gingival slips. It prevents food trapping in the periodontal gaps. Further in the case of advanced loss of interdental tissue air escapes from these gaps thus making some consonants unclear. The use of gum veneers also improves the speech.


Removable gingival prostheses are inadvisable in certain conditions. In the case of existing periodontal disease and an accute flare up, it is necessary to control the disease before fitting gingival veneers. Patients with poor dental health or those who have extensive tooth decay are also not good candidates for it. People who are regular and heavy smokers are also unlikely to benefit from gingival slips.