Initial Phase Therapy

We welcome you to our treatment process every treatment we do is bespoke to you and we will explain how your journey will start and together we can make that a pleasurable one.

What happens at an initial consultation appointment?

At your first appointment I will spend some time getting to know you, and understand why periodontal disease has affected you specifically. I will take a full history and focus on symptoms your aims of treatment. A big part of the consult will also involve discussing and understanding why the disease has affected you. What risk factors have contributed and how we are going to manage and control them to ensure we get the best results. I will also in detail explain how the disease has affected your mouth, only by understanding what is happening can we focus on attempting to get the disease under control..

After this I will carry out detailed examination of your clinical condition, including the pockets, bleeding scores the amount of plaque, as well as a number of other clinical measurements, which are essential for a clear diagnosis. Radiographic assessment will also be included to allow visual assessment of the bone affected by the disease. After relaying all the information collected in the assessment a specialized individual treatment strategy and plan will be constructed and a quote given. All teeth will be assessed and decide which teeth are saveable and which are unlikely to be saved and the ideal options for the replacement of those teeth. A letter summarizing all parts of the consultation will back this up. The treatment plan will be tailored to your individuals needs, as well as your comfort with dentistry.

All treatment of Periodontal (gum) disease revolves around appropriate oral hygiene regime. Unfortunately each patient has their own susceptibility to disease, which means the sensitivity you have is dependant on certain factors (see gum disease). Your cleaning has to reflect that sensitivity to ensure the level of hygiene you achieve is sufficient to limit your risk of disease.

Initial therapy

For most cases when the disease has affected the whole mouth. the initial stage is to attempt to disrupt the biofilm of bacteria in the mouth to allow the body to heal . The way this is completed is through the removal of bacteria and their products from above and below the gum, we also remove some of the hard calculus (hardened plaque) to ensure bacteria have no where to hide. The target is to provide an environment for the gum swelling and inflammation (bleeding) to resolve and reattachment of the gum on to the tooth. The gum would also end up closer to the bone where it naturally wants to be with no swelling. This involves using specialised instruments to go under the gums using expert knowledge of anatomy of the teeth, root nomenclature and specialized skills to achieve the best results. Usually this is completed in one or two visits, and usually is completed comfortable. If we feel there may be some discomfort we will aim to anaesthetize the areas of the mouth h that may be sensitive.

Depending on the diagnosis and whether the disease is aggressive we may consider using antibiotics alongside the cleaning, this will only be done after careful consideration of all the facts, as we aim to avoid using antibiotics where necessary.

Depending on the severity of the disease the treatment will be completed by either one of my hygienists or by myself. There will also be a tailored home care regime that I will show you myself in order to ensure that the disease is kept under control.

This treatment will improve a majority of sites and create an environment of healing. There are only a few scenarios where this treatment may have some residual problems after the treatment.


The review appointment is a short visit, which will allow us to assess the healing and ensure that your home care is comfortable and being completed to the best of your ability. This will ensure we get the best result possible as any difficulties you face will be addressed, and any sensitivity or concerns you may have be addresses and managed as early as possible.


The reassessment allows both of us to assess the progress that has been made quantifiably by re-measuring the initial pocket depths, bleeding scores, plaque levels as well as all other measurements taken at that time. This will then be discussed and fed back to you comparing the initial assessment to the reassessment. This stage is always the biggest transformation that we see, with sites reducing to a more maintainable level that jus needs maintenance with a hygienist and continuing support thereafter with home care.

Generally a large proportion of patients only really require the initial phase therapy also referred to as non-surgical therapy. Despite best effort form all fronts there are sometimes areas of the mouth that do not resolve with the initial phase. Often these sites can be predicted form the initial consultation. Theses site usually only a small percentage of the affected mouth require advanced gum care, which may involve surgery.

Cost of Periodontal Treatment
the initial consultation is £120 and from there the tailor made treatment strategy will be made for you. The cost depends on the severity and extent of the disease.